BBS Energy Construction has a wide range of products and services .The products are in four broad categories. The services offered are maintenance and training services. Below are the list of products manufactured by BBS Energy Construction.

1.Clean cooking Stoves)

Cook stove design and production is a complex manufacturing operation. BBS Energy construction has developed, grown and retained a deep artisan and construction process experience, reliant on lean standardized manufacturing principles and a focus on operational excellence

2. Eco Construction

We manufacture innovative building material using products like plastic bottles. In addition we construct toilets that are friendly to the environment where the waste can be converted into organic manure for agriculture purposes


BBS Energy Construction has vast experience in the design and production of solar dryers and hybrid dryers. The dryers are manufactured on order with clear specifications.In a recent project we manufactured an innovative solar dryer with a biomass back-up heating system which is multi-purpose and utilizes biomass (agro residues, timber off-cuts etc) and the sun’s energy for drying grains and with the potential to dry other produce such as vegetables, roots and tubers, as well as heat sensitive produce such mushrooms is developed.

4. Bio Digesters

We have manufactured several types of bio digesters for our clients. Below is a list of bio digester that we are capable of manufacturing.